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Gain learning inspiration and motivation, on a daily basis, from a wide variety of  documented quotes made by well known celebrities, experts, and gurus. 

Gain key insights as you begin a new challenging learning initiative or continue on your learning path to career success!

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FREE Quiz:  What Kind of Future Ready Employee Are You?

Are you ready for the future of work?  What kind of future ready employee are you? 

Here is a FREE quiz to find out. You will receive a personalized Future Readiness Report with suggestions for what to do to get ready for the future of work and learning!

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FREE Checklist:  Multiple-Choice Exam Readiness Assessment

Are you ready to get great marks on an upcoming multiple-choice exam(s)

Download a checklist to self-assess whether or not you are following key Multiple-Choice Exam-Taking SUCCESS ACTIONS to ensure you get great marks!

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Smart employees getting smarter

Brilliant Brainloading @Work - Wait List

Are you a continuous learner?  Do you know how to use the best learning competencies (skills and strategies) to learn faster, smarter and better

You now need to continuously upgrade your job competencies (upskill and/or reskill) to gain employment and to remain employable. So why not learn the best learning competencies to use throughout your career.

If you’re ready to discover how to quickly and easily accelerate your job competence to gain a competitive employment advantage then the Brilliant Brainloading™@Work online program is for you!

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Brilliant Brainloading Blueprint - eBook

The Brilliant Brainloading Blueprint is a must have eBook (150 pages) for anyone who wants to learn faster, smarter and better.

What's included:

  1. Brilliant Brainloading Process (model)
  2. 6 Brilliant Brainloading Competences
  3. 4 Brilliant Brainloading Modes
  4. 20 Brilliant Brainloading Skills
  5. 250+ Brilliant Brainloading Strategies

$19.95 CAD (tax included)

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Online learning programs - for any type of professional designation!

Designation™ START RIGHT - for any type of professional designation 

As a professional designation candidate (licensing, certification, or accreditation) you know you are facing a major learning challenge that, if successful, can positively impact your future career success.   

Designation™ START RIGHT is an online program that will help you successfully prepare for and get ready to meet the requirements no matter what professional designation (certification, accreditation or licensing) you want to achieve. 

The online program is NOT specific to any professional designation.  It's role, organization, industry, and association agnostic.  That means that anyone can benefit from the program.

$147 (taxes included)

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Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™

The Get Great Marks! Master Multiple Choice Exams™ online program is for anyone who need to get great marks on multiple-choice exams. 

These exams could be:

  • employment quizzes / tests
  • professional designation exams (licensing, certification, or accreditation)
  • academic program tests / exams (university / college)

You will learn exam-taking skills and 25 exam-taking strategies to get higher marks on every multiple-choice exam! 

You will practice the exam-taking skills and strategies using practice exams about how to get great marks!

9 Online Modules + Exercises + Tools + 6 Skill Building Online Multiple Choice Practice Exams

$179.00 CAD (taxes included)

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Personal brain enhancement strategies

Neural BOOSTERS™ Club

Neural BOOSTERS™ are proven, research-based tactics you can use to BOOST your brain's neural networks (and synapses) so they are strategically activated, strengthened and enhanced for optimal brain functioning. 

When you join the Neural BOOSTERS™ Club ($14.97 per month - taxes included) you will receive four Neural BOOSTERS™ each month to explore and try out.  Plus much more! Cancel at any time.

Future proof your brainpower! 

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