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Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp - The Neuroscience of Learning

What would be the impact on you personally and professionally if you were a much more efficient learner? 

What learning challenges are you facing? 

Are you afraid of looking stupid and not understanding what you need to learn? 

Learn the best and smartest strategies to use for personal learning achievement, based on the Neuroscience of Learning (NOL)!

Learning content is becoming more complex and challenging to learn than ever before.  There's also limited time for you to ramp up what you need to know and do. Knowing how to learn quickly and easily is a highly competitive skill!

The Brilliant Brainloading™ Process, Skills and Strategies work, no matter what you’re learning.  They are:

  • exactly the same as the ones great learners use

  • based on secrets that make complicated content easy to understand and remember

  • proven and tested over and over again

  • designed to supercharge your learning!

Brilliant Brainloading Bootcamp

There is a better way for you to learn that is more efficient and effective.  By completing the Brilliant Brainloading Bootcamp (a couple hours per week over the next 8 weeks) you will build your repertoire of Brilliant Brainloading Skills and Strategies to last a lifetime.

You will start each week proactively engaging with the program content (i.e., watching the ‘explain-it’ videos, completing the exercises, and using the learning application tools). 

You will then try-out and practice what you’ve learned. The Practice Workbook contains specific activities for you to complete to ensure you gain, retain, recall and reuse the Brilliant Brainloading™ Skills and Strategies.

You will learn faster, smarter and better by following this interval-based strategy, custom-designed as part of the architecture of the program.

35 videos + Exercises + Tools + Guide + Practice Workbooks

  • Brilliant Brainloading™ Bootcamp – Introduction 

  • Brilliant Brainloading™ Process Overview

  • Brilliant Brainloading™ ACTIONS and ACTIONIZER Tools

  • A. Clarify the CONTEXT– Big Picture Framing

  • B. Make the CONNECTION– Link It Up

  • C.  Define the CONCEPTS – Defining Moments

  • D.  CONSTRUCT the Content – Info Architect

  • E.  CONDUCT the Skills / Use the Knowledge – Use It or Lose It

  • F.  CONSOLIDATE the Learning – The Power of ‘Re’

  • Brilliant Brainloading™ Self- Assessments


  • Brilliant Brainloading™ Process – QUICK View

  • Brilliant Brainloading™ – WORKSHEET

  • Brilliant Brainloading™ – ACTIONIZER!

Gain the skills and strategies to brilliantly brainload new knowledge and skills.

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